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Dash (aka Dash Labs, Inc.)

Dash built a technology solution that turns any car into a “smart car".
Low-cost hardware purchased from any manufacturer can be self-installed under the dashboard, paired via bluetooth/wifi to your smartphone, storing data in the cloud. Works on all cars after 1996.

The team has come up with a solution that makes the vehicles—and drivers—of today more intelligent and more efficient by leveraging the troves of data that your car produces during every drive. The company organizes, visualizes, and analyzes this data by obtaining it through a plug-in that is easily connected to the diagnostics port present in cars manufactured after 1996. While the data is mainly used by mechanics to find problems with the vehicle, it can also be relayed to the driver and provide them with a more sophisticated and safe driving experience.

  • Mar 2018 - non-OBD based software
  • Jan 2018 - dashcam integration
  • June 2017 - RepairPal integration
  • Dec 2016 - Dash 3.0
  • June 2016 - battery prediction algo
  • Dec 2015 - announced Dash XL (fleet) and Dash IQ (data)
  • Sept 2015 - monthly email product
  • Aug 2015 - AllState / DOT program
  • April 2015 -- Dash 2.0 and international
  • Mar 2015 - Edmunds hackathon finalist
  • Sept 2015 - Chassis API
  • August 2014 - DASH FOR IPHONE:
  • July 2014 - IFTTT channel
  • January 2014 - DASH FOR ANDROID:
  • Summer 2013 - pilots during Techstars NYC program
  • Spring 2013 - MVP, incl. GM OnStar & Ford OpenXC integration
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